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    {{ if(pgid != '') {wiki.link(num.cast(pgid), cmplxlist[0]['target'],cmplxlist[0]['target'], '_blank');} else {cmplxlist[0]['target'];} }}
    Differential expression (DE) pval: {{cmplxlist[0]['pval']}}
    Alternative splicing upon T-cell activation (ASCE) pval: {{cmplxlist[0]['asce']}}

    Interacting Partners
    Name Gene Name Fold Change DE pval ASCE pval Interaction DB Summary
    {{if(pgid != '') {wiki.link(num.cast(pgid), cmplx['interactor'],cmplx['interactor'], '_blank');} else {cmplx['interactor'];} }} {{cmplx['genename']}} {{cmplx['foldchange']}} {{cmplx['diffg']}} {{cmplx['altexon']}} {{cmplx['interdb']}} {{var pg = wiki.text(p.path); var start = string.indexof(pg, 'Summary'); if (start > -1) { var str1 = string.remove(pg, 0, start+string.length( 'Summary')); var maxl = 200; if (string.length(str1) > maxl) { var displaystr = string.remove(str1, maxl); displaystr; web.link(p.uri, '...'); } else { str1; } } }}

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