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    foreach (var const in args.cList){
    var queryReturn = myproteins.recordlist('SELECT targetId, constructName from constructs where targetId !=\'\' and constructName = \''..const['constructName']..'\'');
    var cname = const['constructName'];
    <h4>cname.." constructs (tabbed view)"</h4>;
     textSize: "1em"
    if (#list.collect(queryReturn, 'targetId') > 0) {
        var subpages = map.keys(Page.subpages);
        foreach(var line in queryReturn) { 
            var exists = false;
            var ppath = "";
            //first check if this target exists in DB
            var pgid = myproteins.value('select id from proteintable where targetId = \''..line['targetId']..'\';');
            if (pgid) { 
                var page = wiki.getpage(num.cast(pgid)); 
                let exists = true;
                let ppath = page['path'];
            // now check if the is a subpage of the current page with the same targetid
            else if (list.contains(subpages, line['targetid'])){
                let exists = true;
                let ppath = Page.Path.. "/".. line['targetId'];
            var sectid = "section_"..line['targetId'];
            <div id =(sectid)>
            <span id=( line['targetid']) ></span><h5>line['targetId']</h5>
            if (exists){
                var viewUrl = Site.Uri.. "/" .. ppath;
                var editUri = Site.Uri.. "/" .. ppath.. "?action=edit"; 
                <div style="width:100%;text-align:right">
                <span style="fontsize: 11px;">;
                web.link(viewUrl, "View "..line['targetid']);
                <a href=(editUri) title="Edit construct">
                   <span class="icon">
                   <img src="/skins/common.icons/icon-trans.gif" class="sectionedit" alt="Edit construct" />
            } else{
                wiki.Create{label:"Add construct info", title:line['targetId'], template:"Construct", args:{name: line['targetId']}, button:false};

    List of constructs with pop-up dialogs

    if (#list.collect(queryReturn, 'targetId') > 0) {
        foreach(var line in queryReturn) { 




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