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    Title Solution NMR structure of the NlpC/P60 domain of lipoprotein Spr from Escherichia coli: structural evidence for a novel cysteine peptidase catalytic triad. Biochemistry 47 9715-9717 2008
    Site NESGC
    PDB Id 2k1g Target Id ER541
    Molecular Characteristics
    Source Escherichia coli
    Alias Ids TPS8856,PF00877, 1560,, 3.90.1720.10, Molecular Weight 18291.54 Da.
    Residues 162 Isoelectric Point 9.88
    Sequence msanntaknmhpetravgsetsslqasqdefenlvrnvdvksrimdqyadwkgvryrlggstkkgidcs gfvqrtfreqfglelprstyeqqemgksvsrsnlrtgdlvlfragstgrhvgiyignnqfvhastssgv iissmnepywkkrynearrvlsrs
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    Structure Determination
    Method NMR Chains 1

    Ligand Information


    Google Scholar output for 2k1g
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