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    Title Crystal Structure of a Novel Shikimate Dehydrogenase from Haemophilus influenzae. J.Biol.Chem. 280 17101-17108 2005
    Site MCSG
    PDB Id 1npy Target Id APC409
    Molecular Characteristics
    Source Haemophilus influenzae
    Alias Ids TPS4470,P44774, 727 Molecular Weight 29930.87 Da.
    Residues 271 Isoelectric Point 8.59
    Sequence minkdtqlcmslsgrpsnfgttfhnylydklglnfiykafttqdiehaikgvralgirgcavsmpfket cmpfldeihpsaqaiesvntivndngflrayntdyiaivkliekyhlnknakvivhgsggmakavvaaf knsgfeklkiyarnvktgqylaalygyayinslenqqadilvnvtsigmkggkeemdlafpkafidnas vafdvvampvetpfiryaqargkqtisgaavivlqaveqfelythqrpsdeliaeaaafartkf
      BLAST   FFAS

    Structure Determination
    Method XRAY Chains 4
    Resolution (Å) 1.75 Rfree 0.21908
    Matthews' coefficent 2.30 Rfactor 0.17934
    Waters 1149 Solvent Content 46.46

    Ligand Information
    Ligands ACE (ACETYL) x 3


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