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    Title Crystal structure of multidomain protein of unknown function with GGDEF-domain (NP_951600.1) from GEOBACTER SULFURREDUCENS at 1.95 A resolution. To be published
    Site JCSG
    PDB Id 3ezu Target Id 390844
    Molecular Characteristics
    Source Geobacter sulfurreducens pca
    Alias Ids TPS18293,NP_951600.1, 1.20.1260.10, 85497 Molecular Weight 37659.59 Da.
    Residues 341 Isoelectric Point 5.07
    Sequence msgdilndivaaclelerkassvfkmfaahagsdearrfwetvadetrhhsavyerlqerggrenlpii iykpaetleelemigksideqveryteapsseaacllgfrlqlyllhpafaslcrltrdasgedlpdig ygrylrrfidgigscglataetellgealfrlwnearqlaaqshfdaltgvmtragffktvgslayaaq rsgsnvgimlidldyfklvgdnyghqtgdrilqlvaetitshlrrsdvvgrydgdefvvylspvepasl rtvaenlrrsieeesarmvpvtasigvaqgilgtdvdggieelvrladeclmqakytgknkvvvk
      BLAST   FFAS

    Structure Determination
    Method XRAY Chains 1
    Resolution (Å) 1.95 Rfree 0.232
    Matthews' coefficent 2.40 Rfactor 0.184
    Waters 201 Solvent Content 48.72

    Ligand Information


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    2. Ligands in PSI structures
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    Protein Summary

    NP_951600.1 contains a GGDEF domain at the C-terminus. The N-terminal domain (187-341) forms a 6-helix bundle which seems to have novel features. One of the function is to mediate dimerization (~5000 total buried surface area through the N-terminal domain).There are only two sequence homologs of the full length protein, both in Geobacter. Another protein, gb|EDZ63080.1 from Campylobacterales bacterium GD 1, have sequence similarity beyond the GGDEF domain.

    NP_951600.1 contains a similar GGDEF motif at 260-DGDEF-264. A loop at this region, 227-233, is disordered. The GGDEF domain is homologous the adenylyl cyclase catalytic domain. Many proteins with this domain are involved in cell signaling in bacteria. Dali search identified NP_951600.1 is most similar to 3bre, 1w25, 2v0n. However, the similarity is restricted to the GGDEF domain. A second Dali search with only the first domain, suggests that the N-terminal domain is partially similar to 1vjx, 2gs4, 2gyq etc.

    Figure 1. Monomer of NP_951600.1, DGDEF residues are shown in sticks.


    Figure 2. Dimer of NP_951600.1 through the N-terminal helical domain



    The region between N-terminal (ferritin-like) and C-terminal (GGDEF-domain) part of this protein contains two alpha helices. A wide range of signaling proteins contain a conserved helical segment. Some proteins with GGDEF-domain contain signaling helix (S-helix), but there is no sequence similarity between NP_951600 and known S-helix domains.


     Pei J, Grishin NV; , Proteins 2001;42:210-216.: GGDEF domain is homologous to adenylyl cyclase.  PUBMED:11119645


    Ligand Summary

    A UNL ligand is present in a hydrophic pocket near the dimer interface.




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