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    Title Crystal structure of Putative Formyltetrahydrofolate Synthetase (TM1766) from THERMOTOGA MARITIMA at 1.85 A resolution. To be published
    Site JCSG
    PDB Id 3do6 Target Id 283620
    Molecular Characteristics
    Source Thermotoga maritima msb8
    Alias Ids TPS9370,TM1766, 29346147, 282821 Molecular Weight 58534.35 Da.
    Residues 542 Isoelectric Point 6.97
    Sequence mkpikeiadqlelkddilypyghyiakidhrflkslenhedgklilvtavtptpagegktttsiglsms lnrigkksivtlrepslgptlglkggatgggrsrvlpsdeinlhftgdmhavasahnllaavldshikh gnelkiditrvfwkrtmdmndralrsiviglggsangfpredsfiitaasevmailalsenmkdlkerl gkiivaldadrkivrisdlgiqgamavllkdainpnlvqttegtpalihcgpfaniahgtnsiiatkma mklseytvteagfgadlgaekfidfvsrvggfypnaavlvatvralkyhgganlkniheenlealkegf knlrvhvenlrkfnlpvvvalnrfstdtekeiayvvkeceklgvrvavsevfkkgseggvelakavaea akdvepaylyemndpvekkieilakeiyragrvefsdtaknalkfikkhgfdelpvivaktpksishdp slrgapegytfvvsdlfvsagagfvvalsgdinlmpglpkkpnalnmdvddsgnivgvs
      BLAST   FFAS

    Structure Determination
    Method XRAY Chains 2
    Resolution (Å) 1.85 Rfree 0.196
    Matthews' coefficent 2.51 Rfactor 0.162
    Waters 888 Solvent Content 51.05

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    Ligand Information


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    Protein Summary

    283620 is annotated as formate-tetrahydrofolate ligase. The structure is very similar with 1fpm (rmsd 1.06A for 534 aligned Ca atoms) and 1fp7 (rmsd 1.07A for 533 aligned Ca atoms).

    Fig. 1. Superposition of 283620 (green) with 1fpm (yellow) and 1fp7(pink) structures.

    The asu of 283620 contains a dimer. However, biological molecule of 283620 is a tetramer similar as other tetrahydrofolate ligase.

    Fig. 2. Dimer of 283620 in asu is shown. Green and cyan represent A and B subunits, respectively.

    Fig. 3. Biological tetramer of 283620 is shown. Green, cyan, pink and yellow represent A, B,A' and B' subunits, respectively.

    Ligand Summary

    Ethylene glycol (EDO) molecules from cryo solution were modeled.




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