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    Site JCSG
    Status Diffraction-quality Crystals
    Target Id 390304
    Molecular Characteristics
    Source Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae mgh 78578
    Alias Ids TPS7709, Molecular Weight 20033.54 Da.
    Residues 190 Isoelectric Point 4.97
    Sequence atdsataapaaaattqvqkeaadvlqvavqganamrdiqfarlalfhgqpdsakkltddaaallaaddaswakfvk tdakakmiadryviinasialsedyvatpekesaiqsaneklakgdqkgaidtlrlagigvienqylmplnqtrk avaqsqellkagkyyeanlvlkgaeegivvdsemlvagn
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    Protein Summary

    390304 encodes a protein of unknown function, representing a new PFAM family PF10938. 390304 contains a four-helix bundle substructure similar to cytochrome c-b(562) (pdb 2bc5, rmsd 2.6 for 78 aligned Ca). However,  it appears to be a novel fold if all the protein is considered (Fig 1). 390304 is likely to function as a tetramer (Fig 2). There are a few zinc ions found to be associated with the protein (crystal was obtained in 0.2M ZnAc).

    390304 is homologous to E. coli protein yfdX which is clustered with other proteins of unknown functions. yfdX is controlled by EvgS/EvgA two component signal transduction system and is probably involved in multi-drug resistence response of bacteria. The surface of the tetramer  has a distinctive feature (Fig 3) in which a negative pocket surrounded by positive patches.  Sequence conservation analysis seems to suggest that areas around Arg72 are highly conserved.

    Similar protein from Escherichia coli K12 encoded by yfdX is functionally associated with: yqgB, ymdA, ydiZ, yeiS, yfdY, yfeD, ygdB, yrfB, hdeB, and leuLP. Similar protein from Salmonella typhi CT18 encoded by STY3178 is functionally associated with: STY3179, STY2415, STY3241, STY4306, STY1786, STY2638, STY2653, STY3136, STY0411, and ydhZ. Such associations indicate that this putative membrane protein of unknown function (NCBI:PRK10316) may be functionally associated with regulation of fimbrial expression and/or response to leucine.

    Fig 1. Monomer of 390304



    Fig 2. Tetramer of 390304


    Fig 3. Electrostatic surface of 390304 tetramer



    Overexpression of the Response Regulator evgA of the Two-Component Signal Transduction System Modulates Multidrug Resistance Conferred by Multidrug Resistance Transporters. Kunihiko Nishino and Akihito Yamaguchi
    J Bacteriol. 2001 February; 183(4): 1455–1458. doi: 10.1128/JB.183.4.1455-1458.2001.


    Ligand Summary




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