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    Title Crystal structure of putative phosphoglycolate phosphatase (YP_619066.1) from Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus ATCC BAA-365 at 1.51 A resolution. To be Published
    Site JCSG
    PDB Id 2hi0 Target Id 366916
    Molecular Characteristics
    Source Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus atcc baa-365
    Alias Ids TPS1489,YP_813060.1, 90341 Molecular Weight 26338.55 Da.
    Residues 239 Isoelectric Point 5.00
    Sequence mkykaaifdmdgtildtsadltsalnyafeqtghrhdftvediknffgsgvvvavtralayeagssres lvafgtkdeqipeavtqtevnrvlevfkpyyadhcqiktgpfpgildlmknlrqkgvklavvsnkpnea vqvlveelfpgsfdfalgeksgirrkpapdmtsecvkvlgvprdkcvyigdseidiqtarnsemdeiav nwgfrsvpflqkhgatvivdtaekleeailge
      BLAST   FFAS

    Structure Determination
    Method XRAY Chains 2
    Resolution (Å) 1.51 Rfree 0.19
    Matthews' coefficent 2.18 Rfactor 0.157
    Waters 641 Solvent Content 43.60

    Ligand Information


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    Protein Summary

    The gene YP_813060.1 from Lactobacillus delbrueckii bulgaricus encodes a putative phosphoglycolate phosphatase EC:, a member of haloacid dehalogenase (HAD)-like hydrolases PF00702.  The enzyme belongs to the class of alpha and beta (a+b) proteins and adopts a HAD-like fold type SCOP56783.  The enzyme is structurally identical to the homologous phosphoglycolate phosphatase from Aquifex aeolicus 2YY6 2NYV.  The enzyme catalyzes the following reaction: 2-phosphoglycolate + H(2)O <=> glycolate + phosphate.  The enzyme participates in glyoxylate and dicarboxylate metabolism.

    Ligand Summary





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