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    Title Crystal structure of DNA-3-methyladenine glycosidase (10174367) from Bacillus halodurans at 2.55 A resolution. To be published
    Site JCSG
    PDB Id 2h56 Target Id 358704
    Molecular Characteristics
    Source Bacillus halodurans c-125
    Alias Ids TPS1401,10174367, 382553 Molecular Weight 24688.93 Da.
    Residues 221 Isoelectric Point 5.62
    Sequence mryfstdspevktivaqdsrlfqfieiagevqlptkpnpfqslvssiveqqlsikaasaiygrveqlvg galekpeqlyrvsdealrqagvskrkieyirhvcehvesgrldftelegaeattviekltaikgigqwt aemfmmfslgrldvlsvgdvglqrgakwlygngegdgkklliyhgkawapyetvaclylwkaagtfaee yrsleellhhgnqc
      BLAST   FFAS

    Structure Determination
    Method XRAY Chains 1
    Resolution (Å) 2.55 Rfree 0.246
    Matthews' coefficent 3.20 Rfactor 0.196
    Waters 40 Solvent Content 61.00

    Ligand Information


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    Protein Summary

    The gene 10174367 from Bacillus halodurans encodes 3-methyladenine-DNA glycosylase II EC: (alternative names: DNA-3-methyladenine glycosylase II, DNA glycosidase II), a member of HhH-GPD superfamily base excision DNA repair proteins PF00730.  The protein belongs to the class of all-alpha proteins and reveals DNA-glycosylase fold type SCOP48149.  Base-excision DNA repair proteins target alkylation damage from duplex and single stranded DNA [Ref].  The structure of the enzyme homologue from E.coli has been solved 1MPG

    Ligand Summary





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