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    3s25:The protein structure reveals a 7-bladed propeller in which each blade is comprised of ~40 residues. This is a secreted protein. The structure is similar to that of WD40/YVTN repeat-like domains, whic... debanu (8 edits)
    3taw:Pfam Update: There is one other structure 1vkd, in that family, that is described thus in TOPSAN: Protein Summary The gene TM1225 from Thermotoga maritima encodes the NP_229030 protein from the DUF377... haxelrod (5 edits)
    3rwx:Pfam Update: I have built this as Lipocalin_6, and it has 47 members , as PF13944. The other Lipocalins have structures. I have run jackhmmer on it and found 46 homologues, in uncharacterised Bacteroi... haxelrod (11 edits)
    3u7z: RUMGNA_00854 protein matches to the "lid domain" of gastric intrinsic factor (2BB6 and 2PMV), according to FFAS and HHPRED. This structure was solved using 2BB6 as a search template, despite very low... qxu (7 edits)
    adam (1 edits)
    3tdq:PilY2 is a representative of a small (~8 members), Psedomonas specific protein family, not classified in PFAM. Shown to be involved in fimbrial biogenesis, but its exact role appears to be unknown (se... adam (3 edits)
    qxu (1 edits)
    3tzg:A porin-like solubile protein with unknown function. Only a couple of highly similar sequences, an orphan at this point. There are few more homologs in human metagenomics samples, but the most diverge... qxu (2 edits)
    adam (2 edits)
    2lrg:BVU_3708 from Bacteroides vulgatus (target 393196) is a founding member of a new PFAM family DUF4425 (PF14466), which will be released as a part of PFAM 26.0 release (probably).  BVU_3708 is a second ... haxelrod (4 edits)
    adam (1 edits)
    3t2l:This structure is similar to previous JCSG structures 3gf8, 3liu, 3pay, 3r4r, 393142, likely involved in fimbrae formation. It demonstrate a novel form of oligomerization (dimer) through stand swappin... qxu (12 edits)
    3ufiSimilar to 3sy6 and 3t2l, belongs to the FimA superfamily.Ligand Summary qxu (2 edits)
    Sestrin: Sestrins are induced by the p53 tumor suppressor protein and play a role in the cellular response to DNA damage and oxidative stress, as well as mediate p53 inhibition of cell growth by activating AM... adam (2 edits)




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