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PLP-dependent aminotransferase

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    Alanine-glyoxylate aminotransferase (AGT) from Anabaena sp. (EC; COG0075, Pfam00266) is a pyridoxal-phosphate (PLP) dependent enzyme involved in serine-glycine metabolism, where it catalyses ...
    The gene TM1744 from Thermotoga maritima encodes low-specificity threonine aldolase (TA).  The enzyme belongs to pyridoxal phosphate (PLP)-dependent aspartate aminotransferase superfamily (fold I) SCO... anton (1 edits)
    Gene HS_0128 from Haemophilus somnus 129pt translates into the YP_718332 amino acid sequence, which has sequence similarity to those in the amino transferase class 4 group ( aminotran_4 (PF01063) fami... pascual (4 edits)
    chrisx (1 edits)
    This protein is classified in the Pfam clan CL0061 of PLP aminotransferases and specifically belongs to Pfam family PF01041 of DegT/DnrJ/EryC1/StrS aminotransferase family. For other JCSG structures o... debanu (4 edits)
     Pfam Update: This protein is in family: Aminotran_1_2 (reference to undefined name 'note' Exception of type 'MindTouch.Deki.Script.Runtime.DekiScriptUndefinedNameException' was thrown. (click for det... haxelrod (3 edits)
    kellrott (2 edits)
    Pfam: this protein is reassigned to Aminotran_1_2, CL0061, which has other structures.   NP_281508.1 is a protein with 364 residues from CAMPYLOBACTER JEJUNI, which is a Gram-negative microaerophilic ... kevinjin (7 edits)
    pkozbial (1 edits)
    gyewon (1 edits)
    This target is annonated as a hypothetical protein. However, it could be an Amino-transferase based on the homology with a number of structures. Some of these are shown below with this structure in gr... abhinavk (5 edits)
      Pfam: This protein is in family Alum_res (PF06838).   Protein NP_348457.1 is from CLOSTRIDIUM ACETOBUTYLICUM.  Sequence alignment indicates that this protein belong to Pfam 06838, aluminum resistanc... kevinjin (3 edits)
    Gene aecD (DIP1736) translates into the NP_940074 protein from Corynebacterium diphtheriae, a pathogenic bacterium that causes diphtheria.  The sequence alignment suggests this protein carries a PLP-d... pascual (5 edits)
    kevinjin (3 edits)
    chrisx (2 edits)
    This protein is 21% identical to a previous JCSG structure 2fm1, the overall structural and active s... qxu (4 edits)
    391588 belongs to aminotransferase class V (PF00266). 391588 is very likely to function as a dimer since the active site is located near the dimer interface. The structure is very similar to the PH13... qxu (6 edits)
    sefcovic (1 edits)
    The protein NP_283882.1 is annotated as putative aminotransferase. NP_283882.1 belongs to PFAM PF00155 Aminotran_1_2 which consists of mainly amino-transferases. The monomer structure is shown below.... abhinavk (2 edits)
    The LBUL1103 (patC) gene from Lactobacillus delbrueckii bulgaricus atcc baa-365 encodes a PLP-dependent aminotransferase (PF00155, COG1168, EC 2.6.1.-). The structure contains two domains and adopts a... tinab (3 edits)
    pascual (1 edits)
    NP_207418.1 belongs to the Aminotran_1_2(PF00155) Pfam A group. Currently, 275 structures in the PDB represent this particular Pfam group. This class of aminotransferases is believed to be functional... haxelrod (15 edits)
    This protein is annotated as belonging to 2 Pfams: PF06838 (Aluminium resistance protein) and PF01053 (Cys/Met metabolism PLP-dependent enzyme). Both of these are under the Pfam clan CL0061, the PLP-... debanu (4 edits)
    That target YP_297314.1 is Histidinol-phosphate aminotransferase enzyme from Ralstonia eutropha JMP134. It belongs to PFAM PF00155.    The monomer structure can be devided into two domains: one wit... abhinavk (2 edits)
    The protein YP_265399.1 is annotated as putative valine--pyruvate aminotransferase. YP_265399.1 belongs to PFAM PF00155 Aminotran_1_2 which consists of aminotransferases. These proteins share certain ... abhinavk (3 edits)
    Target 391141 (JCSG target ID 391141, JCSG target accession code MG3368B, GenBank accession code YP_263484.1, gene name agxT) is a 378-residue long protein from Psychrobacter arcticus 273-4, a bacter... ayeh (5 edits)
    NP_905498.1 is annotated as an aminotransferase and belongs to PFAM PF00155 of aminotransferases Class I and II. These proteins share certain mechanistic features with other pyridoxal-phosphate depen... abhinavk (2 edits)
    This protein is most likely an amino transferase on the basis of BLAST, PFAM annotation, and structural homologs.  A BLAST search identifies this sequence as a member of the Aminotran_1_2 Superfamil... abhinavk (5 edits)
    sefcovic (2 edits)
    This protein is classified as an aspartate aminotransferase belonging to Pfam PF00155 (aminotransferase class I and II). FFAS shows hits to many other transferases with very high similarity. A sequen... debanu (10 edits)
    Target ID 390911 belongs to the Alum_res (PF06838) Pfam A group, and proteins belonging to this Pfam group have been implicated in aluminium resistance in some bacteria ( PUBMED:9367855). The structur... haxelrod (4 edits)
    The gene mll7127 from Mesorhizobium loti encodes the NP_107505 protein, annotated as putative aminotransferase class III (PF00202). Genome context analysis indicstes a possible functional link (score ... pascual (5 edits)
    debanu (3 edits)
    chrisx (1 edits)
    This protein is annotated as a class III aminotransferase belonging to Pfam PF00202.This family is a member of the Pfam Clan CL0061 which includes many PLP-dependent enzymes of the superfamily of PLP-... debanu (12 edits)
    pascual (1 edits)
    Gene CHU_0995 from Cytophaga hutchinsonii atcc 33406 encodes the YP_677612 protein, a phosphoserine aminotransferase enzyme from the family PF00266. Pre-SCOP classifies 3ffr in the alpha/beta class, P... abhinavk (11 edits)
    pascual (3 edits)
    NP_462565.1 encodes a protein with 416 residues with a conserved domain belong to AAT_I superfamily. Both NCI blast sequence alignment and Dali search results indicate this protein as an aminotranfer... pkozbial (3 edits)
    kevinjin (1 edits)
    The protein YP_050345.1 is annotated as Putative aminotransferase. YP_050345.1 belongs to PFAM PF00155 Aminotran_1_2.   A structural similarity search suggests that this could be a Histidinol-Phosphat... abhinavk (6 edits)
    Gene lpg0595 from Legionella pneumophila subsp. pneumophila str. philadelphia 1 encodes the YP_094631 protein that belongs to the aminotranferase class IV family (PF01063). Analysis of its genome cont... qxu (6 edits)
    pascual (4 edits)
    This is a member of our aminotran_1_2 family (PF00155). Residue R380 is expected to be catalytic. There are already 450 structures for this family, so is of little interest to us.   This target is a 4... ayeh (2 edits)
    haxelrod (1 edits)
    The protein reference to undefined name 'note' Exception of type 'MindTouch.Deki.Script.Runtime.DekiScriptUndefinedNameException' was thrown. (click for details)Callstack: at Groups/PLP-dependent_... abhinavk (1 edits)
    kellrott (1 edits)
    Pfam Class: This sequence matches the Pfam entry Alum_res (PF06838). Target ID 391679 is a 47.1 kilodalton, 426 amino acid long protein encoded by Clostridium novyi nt , a strain whose toxins genes ha... haxelrod (10 edits)
    Alanine:Glyoxylate Aminotransferase (AGT) is a liver enzyme that converts glyoxylate to glycine. We have determined two structures of AGT from mouse at 1.65 and 1.72 A resolutions respectively under i... abhinavk (3 edits)
    The gene TM1131 from Thermotoga maritima encodes a PLP-dependent aspartate aminotransferase E.C.  (fold I) COG0075, and member of the aminotransferase class I and II superfamily PF00155.   The ... anton (2 edits)
    pascual (2 edits)
    tinab (1 edits)
    TM0831 is a putative BACT (branched-chain amino acid aminotransferase, EC It is involved in biosynthesis of valine and isoleucine by catalyzing the following reaction:L-LEUCINE + 2-OXOGLUTA...
    The gene TM1040 from Thermotoga maritima encodes an enzyme histidinol-phosphate aminotransferase (HspAT), a member of aminotransferase class I and II family PF00155.  The enzyme belongs to the class o... esan (4 edits)
    anton (1 edits)
    TM1785 is involved in arginine biosynthesis pathway. This structure is highly similar to other homologous structures already deposited in pdb. The structure may be can be studied together with other A...
     This protein is classified into both Pfam PF00282 (Pyridoxal-dependent decarboxylase conserved domain) and PF00266 (Aminotransferase Class V). There are 2 monomers in the asymmetric unit of the crys... debanu (4 edits)
    krishna (1 edits)
    The TM1255 from T. maritima encodes aspartate aminotransferase (EC: and its paralog TM1698 belogns to COG0436 (aspartate/tyrosine/aromatic aminotransferase). Analysis of the crystallographic p...
    The gene TM1698 from Thermotoga maritima encodes the enzyme aspartate aminotransferase (AAT) from class I (fold I) family of pyridoxal phosphate (PLP)-dependent aspartate amino transferases PF00155 CO... anton (3 edits)

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