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    Topsan Members

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    Pfam family PFAM:PF01951 {Protein of unknown function DUF101} with 222 members in NR database and additional 90 members in the metagenomic datasets, is found in Archaea, Bacteria and Eukarya.

    The first structural representative solved (PDB Id: TOPSAN:1jw3) was subjected to a FATCAT structural similarity search that yielded no results, thus suggesting that it is a novel fold (MTH1598-like). DALI only hits with another DUF101 member, the TM1083 protein 1j5u (Z=10). A Blast search identifies sequences from the archease superfamily. Genome context analysis suggests an involvement of MTH1598 gene product in regulation of DNA transcription.

    Based on sequence and structure analysis and results from the original paper, one can hypothesize that this family binds nucleic acids [Ref].




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