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    Pfam ID: DUF98 PDB: 2nwi_A
    Solved by: NYSGXRC Priority Score: 2.6
    Member of this family is in PDB.
    Member of this clan is in PDB.
      # sequence matches: 177 # architectures: 7 # taxonomy ids:123
      Top FFAS hit in PDB: "2nwiA, Hypothetical protein" Top FFAS hit in Pfam: "PF04345, Chorismate lyase "
      Top significant hit (PDB90): "2nwiA, structural genomics, unknown function ; crystal structure of hypothetical protein o28875 from archaeoglobus fulgidus "
      Top significant hit (PFAM25U): "PF04345, Chorismate lyase"
    CATH: CATH Domain E-value CATH Node
      1tt8A00 7.00E-12 3.40.1410.10
    FUNFAM (eval=5E-14 ): Chorismate--pyruvate lyase -like
      Publications(s) found: 537
      Publications(s) meeting filtering criteria: 17
    GeneSilico Metaserver: (Login and password: Jamboree)
    PDBBLAST: PDB: 2nwi_A SCOP: predicted d.190.1.2
    FFAS: PDB: 2nwi_A SCOP: predicted d.190.1.2
    MGENTHREADER: PDB: 2nwi_A SCOP: predicted d.190.1.2
    PRC: PDB: 1fw9_A SCOP: d.190.1.1 ECC: 4.-.-.-
    BLASTP: PDB: 2nwi_A SCOP: predicted d.190.1.2
    HHBLITS: PDB: 2fa1_A SCOP: predicted d.190.1.2
    COMPASS: PDB: 2nwi_A SCOP: predicted d.190.1.2
    CSBLAST: PDB: 2nwi_A SCOP: predicted d.190.1.2
    HHSEARCH: PDB: 1tt8_A SCOP: d.190.1.1 ECC: 4.-.-.-

    Topsan Members

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    Pfam family PFAM:PF01947 {Protein of unknown function DUF98 } with 37 members in NR database and additional 3 members in the metagenomic datasets is represented in Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukaryota.

    The first structural representative solved (PDB Id: TOPSAN:2nwi) was subject to FATCAT structural similarity search that indicated similarity to SCOP (v. 1.73) domain SCOP:d1tt8a_ classified as Chorismate lyase-like fold. Profile-profile methods confirm a remote homology between this family and the superfamily of Chorismate lyase-like belonging to the fold of the same name. The family is named AF1396-like. The genome neighborhood of AF1396 gene includes the AF1392 and AF1393 genes annotated as branched-chain amino acid ABC transporters, BraD and BraE. A DALI search with 2nwi as query returns hits with a transcriptional regulator from the GntR-family transcriptional regulator 3f8l (Z=17) [Ref], the helix-turn-helix transcriptional repressor YVOA 2wv0 (Z=16) [Ref], and the SA0254 protein 2ooi (Z=15). Next is the chorismate lyase 2ahc (Z=14) [Ref]. A Blast search returns many chorismate-pyruvate lyase family proteins, like ZP_05788641 with an e-val=8e-44 and 22% seq. id.

    Based on remote homology confirmed by the structure, one can hypothesize that this family is possibly a subfamily of chorismate lyases.




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