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    The PH1575 gene from Pyrococcus horikoshii encodes a protein of unknown function from the DUF89 group (PF01937).  According to the SCOP classification, the 2g8l structure belongs to the class of multi... pascual (2 edits)
    anton (1 edits)
    tinab (1 edits)
    The AF1104 (NP_069933.1) gene from Archaeoglobus fulgidus encodes a protein of unknown function DUF89 PF01937.  The protein belongs to the class of multi-domain proteins (alpha and beta) and reveals A... tinab (4 edits)
    anton (1 edits)
    pascual (1 edits)


    Pfam family PFAM:PF01937 {Protein of unknown function DUF89 } with 270 members in NR database and additional 42 members in the metagenomic datasets is represented in Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukaryota.

    The first structural representative solved (PDB Id: TOPSAN:1xfi) was subject to FATCAT structural similarity search that yielded no results, thus suggesting that it is a novel fold. SCOP classifies 1xfi in the multi-domain protein class, AF1104-like fold. 1xfi coordinates show the chelation of a Mg ion by a conserved DN-/-/-D motif. DALI finds significant structural similarity of 1xfi only with 2g8l and 2ffj (Z=25).

    In eukaryotes, the DUF89 is present fused with kinases and phosphatases. The sequence of the 1xfi structure from A. thaliana, NP_179324, is annotated as pantothenate kinase-related protein [Ref].




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