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    The gene TM0487 from Thermotoga maritima encodes the NP_228297 protein of unknown function from the DUF59 group PF01883.  SCOP classifies 1uwd inthe alpha+beta class, Fe-S cluster superfamily, PaaD-li... pascual (13 edits)
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    Pfam family PFAM:PF01883 {Domain of unknown function DUF59 } with 3219 members in NR database and additional 2322 members in the metagenomic datasets is represented in Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukaryota. The first structural representative solved (PDB Id: TOPSAN:1uwd) was subject to FATCAT structural similarity search that indicated similarity to SCOP (v. 1.73) domain SCOP:d1josa_ classified as Alpha-lytic protease prodomain-like fold. Based on marginal prediction from FFAS confirmed by structural similarity one can argue that this family is remotely homologous to other families with this fold. A DALI search with 1uwd identifies other DUF59 structures, like 3lno, 3cq1, and 2cu6, as similar (Z=12). A BLAST search with 1uwd protein gene (TM0487) shows a 54% seq. id. with a putative component of a ring hydroxylating complex (TGAM_0373), and 67% seq. id. with a metal-sulfur cluster biosynthetic enzyme (THA_1737).

    Based on genome context and referenced paper, one can hypothesize that this family is a metal-sulfur cluster biosynthetic enzyme, predicted to be involved in ring hydroxylating complexes [Ref].




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