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Human RRM domains

    Novel RNA-binding domains added to Pfam database based on JCSG structures

    Determination of a novel protein structure often enables adding a new protein domain annotation to public databases. Two out of six RRM domains annotated in Pfam database were added to RRM clan based on JCSG structures: RRM_5 and RRM_6 domains based on JCSG structures 3s01 and 3s7r, respectively. Both structures were joint targets of JCSG, Partnership for Stem Cell Biology and Partnership for T-Cell Biology.

    Novel RNA-binding domains in Human

    These proteins contain putative novel RNA-binding domains which were found by remote homology recognition method FFAS (and often confirmed by other methods) during DUF Annotation Jamboree  meeting. They are not yet included in public annotations in Pfam and Uniprot databases.


    The first two domain based on this analysis was added to PFAM as DUF4463 (PF14703), seeded by a putative RRM domain from human transmembrane protein Q9P1W3 and DND1_DSRM (PF14709), seeded by a C-terminal domain in human dead end protein 1 (DND1_HUMAN). The latter is a new member of a double strand RNA binding domain  clan (DSRM, CL0196)


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    Name Annotation Author(s)
    O15226 FFAS detected similarity to double-stranded RNA-binding motifresidues 166-319. NF-kappa-B-repressing factor is known to interact with double-stranded RNA but RNA binding motif was not previously iden... lukasz (3 edits)
    Q5T3F8 Detectable similarity to RNA recognition motif 2 (dsrm) was found for residues 226-361. This region is located between two transmembrane helices. It would be useful to find some independent evidence ... lukasz (4 edits)
    Q9P1W3 A predicted RRM domain in a 11 helical transmembrane protein. This domain is located after the first three helical segment (see the TMHMM results below).   Q9P1W3 212-342 Domain Information S... adam (1 edits)
    Q8IYX4 A third RRM domain in human DND1 (RBMS4) protein. The first two RRM domains are recognized by PFAM (the second below significance threshold, but it confirmed by other programs). The rest of the prote... adam (1 edits)
    Q8TBY0 Contains three "classical" RRM domains and a more divergent C-terminal RRM, recognized by FFAS and other fold recognition programs. adam (2 edits)
    Q9NQ94 FFAS detected a region of similarity to Double-stranded RNA binding motif (dsrm) downstrem from three already known RNA recognition domains (RRM_1, RRM_1, RRM_6). lukasz (1 edits)
    Q9H6T0 Remote homology to RNA binding motif 2 (RRM_2) was detected by FFAS at the C-terminus. This protein is known to bind RNA and contains three already known RNA binding motifs from RRM_6 family. Sequen... lukasz (2 edits)
    Q3T906 This domain shows remote homology (detected by FFAS) to several known structures of proteins binding RNA. It is a member of the RRM clan but it is not clear whether it should bind RNA. Q3T906 12... lukasz (3 edits)





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