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Embedding Images

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    How to insert an image


    1. Scroll-over “Images” or “Files” and click on “attach file or image” at the bottom of a Topsan protein page. 




    2. Select and attach your image of choice. Supported files formats include .tiff .png .pict .jpeg and .gif. Flash uploader allows uploading of several images simultaneously.

    Picture 2.png

    3. Reload the page to view your uploads. You can sort your images by name, description or order of upload.Below each file, the scroll-down menu “Actions” allows you to move or delete the file. The option “Set description” allows you to add descriptors to each uploaded file.


    image3 (1).png


    4. Start editing your protein page (Edit Protein/Protein Summary, at the top of the page). From within the Protein Summary text box, click on the “Insert Picture” icon:





    Select the picture you wish to upload. There are a number of formatting options, including resizing the image, text wrapping etc. 


    image5 (1).png


    You can also insert a movie from a given URL using the “Video” icon:





    Save your work.




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