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AFP-DUF Annotation Jamboree 2011

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    AFP-DUF Annotation Jamboree
    December 7-9, 2011

    The goal of this working meeting is to annotate a possibly large number of protein families that are being referred to as having unknown functions (terms like UPF or DUF) despite (often) having a significant amount of reliable predictions, or even experimental data, about them.  We believe that by doing it together in small working sessions it would be easier to consult each other, synergize our skills and not only annotate a large number of unannotated protein families but develop standards for such annotations, so that in the future, as this work continues worldwide, we would have more consistency among annotations done by different people.
    We have prepared two sets of families:

    1. Domains of Unknown Functions (DUFs) from PFAM: http://www.topsan.org/Groups/DUF_Jamboree

    2. Putative new domains found in the human genome: http://www.topsan.org/Groups/Human_Putative_Domains. More information on how these domains were generated can be found here.




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